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Victor and Yameng : Engagement

This was a special session for us. Kat has known these two a long time, in fact since they were still kids (and yes it does make us feel old!). To see them now, as two mature, wonderful, godly people about to embark on the journey of marriage together, and to be part of it as their photographers – what a joy and privilege. We can’t wait to capture the big day very soon… but for now, here are some photos from their engagement session. Enjoy!

Sam and Kat

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Chris & Alice : Engagement

Chris and Alice were some of our bravest clients to date as they endured the incredibly strong winds at La Perouse on the afternoon of their engagement shoot! But it was worth it for the stunning location and that gorgeous late afternoon sun. If you can’t quite tell from the photos how crazy the wind was, it might be because we all tried hard to position ourselves precisely to match the wind direction! We had a wonderful time photographing this sweet couple and were blessed to capture their wedding day as well, which you can find here!

Sam and Kat

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Will & Xerri : Engagement

Will and Xerri braved a very windy and unexpectedly chilly late Spring evening for our photoshoot with them, trusting us that the location we suggested was worth it. You can tell it’s windy but not quite how cold it was! They were such good sports and it was worth the cold to capture that beautiful late afternoon sun by the water. And of course it’s easy to smile and relax for the camera when you are celebrating the fact you will be marrying your best friend in less than two months time! We had a great time working with this kind and wonderful pair of people.

With the wedding only a week away now, we are excited to share these highlights from the engagement session, and can’t wait to photograph the big day itself!

Sam and Kat

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Sam & Lucy : Engagement

For this engagement shoot, these young lovebirds persevered with us through sudden downpours and cold winds, full of smiles! Thankfully the rain was short lived at least!

We loved hearing their story and getting to know them ahead of their wedding day. One thing we particularly loved was how Lucy was wearing a pair of earrings that Sam had given her at her year 7 birthday party (he confessed to having a bit of a crush on her back then). Going out was not to happen for a number of years yet, but the seeds were sown early on : )

Stay tuned for the wedding photos which will be up soon as well!

Sam and Kat

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LeMin & Kevin : Engagement

Late last year we were privileged to take some photos with our friends LeMin and Kevin to celebrate their engagement, heading back to the place where the proposal happened! The colours and textures of the wharves provided a great back drop, as did the shifting colours of the setting sun. We even went a little noir experimenting with some spot lights at the end. What do you think?

Sam and Kat

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Chris & Erin : Engagement

Earlier this year, before the cold of winter set in, we spent a late afternoon in Vaucluse with Chris and Erin to capture some photos in celebration of their engagement. They picked the location, having fond memories from one of their early dates. Professing to be unsure of what to do in front of the camera they turned out to be very easy to photograph! We had a really fun afternoon getting to know them and taking the images below. We then had the privilege of photographing their wedding a few months later, and we’ll have a link up for that shortly so check back. But for now – enjoy the images below : )

Sam and Kat

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Ross & Lilian : Engagement

A quiet little beach at Parsley Bay was the setting for our engagement session with Ross and Lilian. As with many couples we work with they chose a location that had special memories for them. We had a great time capturing some images with this playful, sweet and easy-going pair – absolute naturals in front of the camera!

Thanks Ross & Lil for a fun afternoon. We hope these photos always bring smiles to your faces!

The SKP team – Sam, Kat and Mel

(Photos on the day by Sam and Mel)

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Joey & Mary : Engagement

For this session we followed our lovely couple as they returned to a place with special significance: the waterside park where Joey first asked Mary to marry him : ) On a sunny and beautiful late winter afternoon we braved the chill (Mary in particular!) to capture some images to celebrate their engagement. As their wedding day draws nearer, we look forward to being able to capture more precious moments for them come December. Until then, enjoy : )

Sam and Kat

P.S. We were pleased to welcome new team member Mel to assist on this photo shoot.

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Nick & Danae : Engagement

Nick and Danae’s engagement session was our first photo shoot for 2016, and Sydney turned out a summer evening that did not disappoint, with warm weather, gentle breezes and soft late afternoon light. We enjoyed getting to know these guys, and hearing how God brought them together from different states, from different ends of the country really, to now get married in Sydney! Although they professed to be a bit camera shy we didn’t notice it and found it so easy to work with such a relaxed pair. Guys, we hope you love these photos and we look forward to photographing your wedding in April!

Sam and Kat

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Ben & Liz : Engagement

We all got up very early for this one, but it was worth every minute for that soft early morning light. What followed was a fun morning with these two lovebirds, followed by the guilty pleasure of a Maccas breakfast! We had a great time capturing some special moments between Ben and Liz and we love that they trusted us in driving out so far, and along winding roads, for this location shoot up in Galston. They married just recently and we can’t wait to share their wedding photos too! Until then, we hope you enjoy the images that follow… : )

Sam and Kat

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