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Family Portrait : Gordon, Kat, M & E

This was special – I took photos for this sweet family just before Kat gave birth to their second son, and here I was able to capture them as a family of four, bub now a toddler. This is a very belated posting to our website though…toddler is now a pre-schooler, and big bro is about to start school!


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Callan and Kat: Family portrait session

I was so honoured to photograph Callan and Kat with their baby boy James, and some of Kat’s family. Sam and I had the privilege of photographing Callan and Kat’s wedding a number of years ago and its very special to get to come back and be entrusted with capturing memories of their growing family.


Jamie, Ashleigh & Hazel

We’re delighted to share some images from a little session we had with Jamie, Ashleigh and Hazel. J & A were celebrating their engagement whilst also taking the opportunity to capture some precious moments as a family with their bub. Little Hazel is absolutely gorgeous, as we’re sure you will agree as you scroll down! Enjoy : )

Sam and Kat

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Jason Annie & baby Alyssa

Recently we had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning photographing some wonderful friends of ours, Jason & Annie, and their new baby daughter Alyssa, also joined by Annie’s mum. It was a delight to spend time with them and capture some special moments.

Sam & Kat

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Rakesh, Sunita & baby Taran : )

Our friends Rakesh & Sunita welcomed their baby boy Taran in 2013 and we recently had a chance to visit and take some family photos. Taran is adorable and was very good for the whole session, although a little sleepy by the end of it all – being the centre of attention is hard work!

Rakesh & Sunita, thank you for giving us the chance to photograph your beautiful family; we hope you enjoy the photos : )

Sam & Kat

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