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Ross & Lilian: Wedding

A warm summer’s day, an old sandstone church, some iconic Sydney locations and the rolling green hills of a golf course all provided the backdrop for the beautiful wedding day of Ross and Lilian. And whilst much of the backdrop was certainly spectacular, it was the moments in the foreground that were the most special. The smiles and the tears, the hugs and the laughs; the heartfelt words spoken between bride and groom, mother and daughter, brother and sister, and more. We were so pleased to be given the privilege of capturing Ross and Lilian’s wedding.

Congratulations Ross & Lil! We hope the photos below go a little way towards remembering and cherishing that special first day of your marriage.

The SKP team – Sam, Kat and Mel

Wedding Day Vendors:

  • Ceremony: Summer Hill Anglican Church
  • Reception: Pennant Hills Golf Club
  • Flowers: Beatrice Au
  • Hair & Make Up: Jane Lam Makeup
  • Photography: Sam & Kat Photography – Sam Ngai and Mellisa Wang

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Joey & Mary : Wedding

We were delighted to photograph the wedding of Mary and Joey at the end of last year. The bridal party was on the larger size and it’s fair to say it was a case of ‘the more the merrier’! Just look below for proof. Mary had such a huge and beautiful smile on her face all day and Joey was grinning from ear to ear. We will never get tired of seeing the laughter, the tears, and the heartfelt words that come with a wedding.

Thanks to Mary and Joey for giving us the privilege of capturing their special day; may the days ahead be even better!

The SKP team – Sam, Kat and Mel

JMW027_5848g JMW021_5842_4532g JMW007_6635g JMW058_9725g JMW039_6665g JMW040_9625_27g JMW006_9567_9587gJMW098_9809g JMW091_9781g JMW090_9777g JMW111_9868g JMW061_6696g JMW066_6716g JMW083_6780gJMW144_6849g JMW164_6899g JMW155_6877gJMW134_5866g JMW181_4689g JMW185_4710g JMW247_4798g JMW218_5952g JMW226_5967_89g JMW248_6007g JMW251_6010_19g JMW268_6042_81g JMW264_6029g JMW281_6089g JMW284_6969g JMW292_4816g JMW290_6095g JMW291_6097g JMW298_6982g JMW308_6993g JMW321_0008_6100g JMW341_0026g JMW328_7022g JMW349_7037g JMW351_6121g JMW357_0049g JMW364_7044g JMW384_7072g JMW391_0079g JMW408_7135g JMW424_7169g JMW430_0107g JMW440_7213g JMW505_6159_6177_6191_4916g JMW565_7596g JMW588_6231g JMW603_6276g JMW635_6365g JMW630_6358g JMW648_7659g JMW608_0426g JMW613_0451g JMW651_0563g JMW663_0676_6409g JMW669_6405g JMW682_6433g JMW701_6480g JMW752_6612g JMW749_0926g JMW708_6510gJMW806_1044_1046g JMW827_6638_40_46_48_54_59_72_73g JMW903_6678g JMW910_6690_91g JMW921_6699g JMW923_6701g JMW934_1180g JMW945_1228g JMW958_1278g JMW961_1290g

Wedding Day Vendors:

  • Ceremony: St Clement’s, Mosman
  • Reception: East Phoenix, Zetland
  • Flowers: Kis Floral
  • Hair & Make Up (bride): JoeyW Makeup and Hairstyling
  • Photography: Sam & Kat Photography – Sam Ngai and Mellisa Wang

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Nick & Danae : Wedding

The day began and ended with views over a picture-perfect Sydney harbour, from the bridal preparations in North Sydney to our location photos at Lavender Bay. As friends and family from near and far gathered to witness Nick and Danae say their vows, and to each play their part in the day, it was evident how many people’s hearts this wonderful pair had found a special place in.  Needless to say it was easy for us to work with such kind, easy-going and fun clients and we were so thankful for the opportunity to be part of their wedding.

Nick and Danae, we hope you enjoy these photo memories of your day and we pray that God would continually strengthen and deepen your marriage as the months and years go on.

Sam and Kat

NDW001_4005gNDW013_3878g NDW010_4031g NDW018_4051g NDW022_2816_4000g NDW034_3919g NDW029_2842_3913g NDW046_3973gNDW059_4045g NDW068_2846g NDW071_4070g NDW126_4101g NDW127_4110g NDW130_4124_4153_4157g NDW144_4163gNDW135_4146_4140g NDW148_4178g NDW156_4203_4221g NDW081_4087g NDW089_4112g NDW095_4127g NDW098_4143g NDW102_4152g NDW103_4154g NDW112_4184_4203g NDW182_4273g NDW187_4289gNDW194_4309_4313g NDW200_4290g NDW217_3471g NDW221_3485_3493_3507g NDW239_4381_3517g NDW241_4316g NDW249_3535g NDW256_4391g NDW281_3566g NDW268_4414g NDW273_4344g NDW283_3568g NDW286_3574g NDW312_4447g NDW289_3579g NDW319_4459g NDW297_3607_08g NDW321_4465g NDW339_4422_60gNDW371_4527g NDW366_4512NDW377_4548g NDW495_2916g NDW464_2890g NDW520_3637_39_43_4877_78_84_85_89gNDW545_4898gNDW476_4611_4614gNDW561_4727gNDW537_4892_4697g NDW552_4905_4911g NDW582_4933g NDW584_4937g NDW586_4941g NDW599_4796g NDW606_3660g NDW610_3685g NDW615_3693g NDW618_3701_08_26_39g NDW631_4830g NDW641_4851g NDW645_4865g NDW649_4882_86_90_95g NDW662_5024g NDW686_5080g NDW689_2955g NDW700_3759g NDW705_4924g NDW716_3807g NDW722_3835g NDW732_3855g NDW735_4941g NDW750_4977_4995g NDW759_5155g NDW761_3904g

You can also see Nick & Danae’s engagement photos here 🙂

Wedding Day Vendors:

  • Wedding cake: Nanette Florence, decorated by Georgie Woodward and Rebekah Webb
  • Flowers: Rebekah Webb
  • Hair: Sandy Popovic
  • Make-up: Chereine Waddell and Eliesha Abbey
  • Dress and veil: Luv Bridal
  • Groom and groomsmen attire: Connor
  • Bridal preparation and wedding reception venue: Harbourview Hotel, North Sydney
  • Wedding ceremony: St Augustine’s, Neutral Bay

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Ben & Liz : Wedding

We were honoured to photograph the wedding of Ben and Liz in September. It was a wonderful mix of cultures in sounds, sights and tastes, and a really fun day for all. We never get tired of seeing weddings unfold. The hush of the crowd as Liz entered the church, a look of happiness on her face; Ben standing up the front, anticipating his bride, and looking quietly excited; the tear in Liz’s eyes as they joined hands; the sneaky smiles at each other whilst they were singing – we can just imagine them thinking: this is it! we’re getting married! 

Ben and Liz, congratulations! We pray you will have a long, happy, funny, adventurous, Christ-centered marriage. We hope you enjoy these images as a reminder of the wonderful day it was, and the precious promises you both made.

Sam and Kat

BLW004-0635 BLW001-0625_0626 BLW094-0882 BLW091-6464 BLW083-0859 BLW070-0773_6428BLW045-6443 BLW038-6436 BLW118-0981 BLW123-0987 BLW145-1040_1055 BLW146-1045 BLW165-1094 BLW168-1105 BLW177-1123 BLW122-8897BLW161-8970 BLW192-1134 BLW210-1158 BLW221-1177_72_73BLW226-0370_0389 BLW233-0394_0407 BLW242-1199_1207BLW245-0417BLW251-0425 BLW255-0430 BLW262-0446 BLW265-0450 BLW273-1229_0504BLW271-0460 BLW282-0474_1253 BLW312-0522_0542_0560 BLW336-1292 BLW339-1295 BLW342-0582 BLW345-9050 BLW346-1302 BLW349-0596 BLW354-1311 BLW355-1313 BLW359-1320_1321 BLW362-9066 BLW366-9078 BLW372-9126 BLW375-9155_59_78_80 BLW383-9239 BLW388-9255 BLW389-9257 BLW399-1459 BLW411-9385 BLW418-9435_9440 BLW424-1491 BLW425-0618 BLW432-0626 BLW443-0655 BLW445-0659 BLW453-0676_0686 BLW447-0663 BLW448-0665_0674 BLW458-1530 BLW477-1594 BLW481-9530_1599 BLW484-0727 BLW496-1676_1682 BLW487-1635 BLW488-1636_1638 BLW512-0730 BLW518-0748 BLW519-0750 BLW541-1752 BLW543-9703 BLW553-1765 BLW574-9807 BLW578-0762 BLW588-0788 BLW591-9810 BLW598-0809 BLW605-0835 BLW611-0855 BLW633-1831BLW623-9846BLW639-9879 BLW647-9895_9937_9962_0026 BLW696-0035

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Callan and Kat : Wedding

Callan and Kat are a lovely couple that we had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day back in April (you can also see their engagement session here). Not only was there much wedding day fun, we were also able to see some of the autumn colours of the beautiful Blue Mountains location. We always feel privileged to be invited to share in and capture our clients’ wedding days, with all the laughter, tears and special moments, and we’re grateful to have been a part of this one.

Sam & Kat

CKW500_8685 CKW001_8471 CKW015_8476_8325 CKW027_6857 CKW043_8447 CKW047_6907 CKW069_6975 CKW076_8533 CKW080_6992 CKW103_8659_8682 CKW116_8698_8701 CKW083_8568 CKW144_8816 CKW156_8880 CKW163_8919 CKW123_7039 CKW142_7079 CKW170_8955_8962 CKW186_8995 CKW192_8997_9004 CKW187_7122 CKW201_8528 CKW202_8532_8939 CKW182_7120 CKW213_8549 CKW224_9059_8553 CKW257_8572 CKW258_9094 CKW263_9100_9104 CKW278_7181 CKW302_9137 CKW232_8562 CKW322_8620 CKW306_7263CKW352_9172_multi CKW412_7479 CKW414_7486 CKW362_9194_9197_9256 CKW424_7514 CKW434_7534 CKW418_7506 CKW444_9341 CKW348_9165_9299CKW501_7689 CKW510_8697 CKW533_7709 CKW550_9486_9492 CKW542_9474 CKW578_9528 CKW487_9383 CKW562_8733 CKW588_9562 CKW584_9550 CKW627_9592_6227 CKW648_8886 CKW624_8864_8844_8857CKW654_8899

CKW616_8817_8822_8830 CKW673_8949 CKW674_8950 CKW682_8974 CKW705_9756 CKW721_7875 CKW734_9006 CKW732_7893 CKW743_7934 CKW752_7948 CKW745_9016 CKW746_9017 CKW759_7962 CKW763_9019 CKW756_7958 CKW762_7972 CKW767_7983 CKW771_7998 CKW785_9028 CKW784_9027 CKW783_9026 CKW790_9037 CKW859_9904 CKW839_8058


Cake | Hannah Brown from HCasey’s Cakes
Flowers bouquets |  Jessica Green from Jessica Grace Flowers
Flower arrangements (church & reception) | All Flowers
Wedding Dress | Kylie J Bridal
Nails | Soul Beauty by Kate


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Jack and Cindy : Wedding

Jack and Cindy were surrounded by close family and lots of friends for the Sydney leg of their wedding, held on a perfect November day.

We hope these photos are always a reminder of treasured memories, and we pray there would be many more to come : )

Sam and Kat

JC001_5511 JC002_4888 JC003_5423 JC004_5443 JC005_7026 JC011_5384_5493 JC057_4924 JC072_4935 JC089_5951_5954 JC097_5636_5653 JC098_5707 JC099_5740 JC100_5793_5786 JC105_4947 JC117_4968 JC118_5000 JC126_4987 JC157_5012 JC167_7065 JC175_7083 JC184_5036 JC186_5809 JC197_5830_5835 JC201_5841 JC213_5882 JC245_5122 JC250_5919_5925 JC251_5125 JC273_7141 JC280_5953_5957 JC286_7157 JC290_5158 JC300_5973 JC322_5991 JC324_7186 JC334_7194 JC345_6020 JC346_7205 JC357_6027 JC367_5258 JC390_7262 JC404_7281 JC409_5319 JC415_7290 JC421_7301 JC422_7304 JC428_5334 JC431_6117_6120_6136 JC450_5375 JC453_5358_5360_5359_5361JC498_5486JC478_group_candids JC522_6256 JC533_6276 JC534_6287 JC540_5555 JC555_5608 JC560_5629 JC581_5702 JC638_5862 JC642_7338 JC648_7362_6035 JC656_7387 JC670_6067 JC672_6060_7414

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Steve and Mabel : Wedding

The day dawned with perfect weather for Steve and Mabel’s wedding and being the last day of daylight savings, our location photos ended with perfect sunset light (such a blessing!). But what was more of a blessing was working with this funny and friendly pair and capturing the joy, tears and special moments throughout the day.

Steve & Mabel, thank you for sharing your day with us and may God bless you as you begin married life together : )

Sam & Kat

SM021_3281_5754 SM018_3267 SM023_3298_3365 SM014_2498 SM043_3395_3450 SM049_3445 SM069_3500_3504SM082_3599_3587 SM096_3706SM106_3761 SM116_3799_3803SM124_3815 SM133_3842_3839SM157_3879SM168_2636 SM161_2615_2617 SM159_2607 SM173_3894_3898 SM185_6230_6243 SM176_2648 SM205_6267 SM242_3981 SM218_6280_6286_3961SM232_6296SM228_3963_3978 SM243_6310SM251_3992_6318SM250_2699SM252_2705 SM264_4012 SM269_6325_6326 SM280_4026 SM286_4035 SM303_6332 SM306_4057 SM311_4063 SM317_4072 SM296_2762SM334_6373 SM373_3078 SM376_3085 SM400_3132 SM405_4195 SM408_4204 SM428_5846_5836SM410_3157 SM430_4234_5852 SM452_4301SM436_4256_4286 SM457_5865 SM467_5883_5889 SM472_4313 SM476_4321 SM480_4327 SM485_5905 SM506_4348 SM507_4359 SM522_4384 SM526_4392_4404 SM539_4425 SM549_4432 SM564_4473 SM578_6390_5924 SM581_6398 SM585_6407 SM614_4538_4542 SM647_6478 SM650_6487 SM661_6527SM657_6516 SM664_6534_6535SM712_3862SM686_4610_3778SM751_3913 SM767_3928 SM774_4707_4705_4703

Hair and make-up by RV Makeup Studio

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Jonathan & Linda : Wedding

A sunny June day was the setting for the wedding of Linda and Jonathan. Their shared love for God and for music was evident throughout the event. Musical highlights included an orchestra, an original piece composed by the groom for his bride, and a musical speech from the sister of the bride!

Although the clouds came in and the winter wind picked up during our afternoon photo session (the bridal party nearly got blown away!) it was impossible to spoil the mood of the lovely couple. It was a delight working with Linda & Jonathan and we wish them all the best : )

Sam & Kat

JL001_0984 JL002_9390 JL005_0239_4830_4837 JL009_0264_4861_4873 JL010_0291_0295JL098_0412 JL112_0452_0456 JL145_0533 JL152_0552 JL173_0585 JL190_4921 JL195_4925_4929 JL202_4936 JL204_0638_4945 JL218_4964 JL223_4979 JL229_0661_4985 JL242_4987 JL246_0673 JL290_5007 JL302_0712_9814_9838 JL383_9989 JL412_5065 JL427_0565 JL437_0599JL520_1106_1113JL465_0653 JL458_0979_5093    JL555_5152 JL556_0801 JL557_5187 JL558_5225_5256JL596_5283 JL591_1259_1213 JL620_5304 JL634_5618_1332 JL635_5330JL605_0949 JL663_5432 JL680_5478 JL684_5490 JL685_5526_5522_5523 JL688_1146 JL705_1220JL716_1655_1648 JL743_1728 JL761_1793_1337_1339_1798

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Pre and Holly : Wedding

We met Pre and Holly through another couple whose wedding we photographed last year (Mitch & Nicole). We instantly felt comfortable with these two – they were friendly, down to earth and, as we were to find out, incredibly sweet. When Holly came down the aisle – what an expression on Pre’s face! Maybe it’s because we are still new to this business (we hope it won’t change!), but we have not tired from hearing people share their different life stories on their wedding day. On this occasion, I (Kat) struggled to not get too teary during the emotional reception speeches – not helpful when you are trying to look through a camera lens! : )

Pre and Holly, thank you for asking us to capture the photos of your very special day. Congratulations again and we pray that you will have a wonderful marriage and be a blessing to others through it.

Sam & Kat

PH001_6252 PH002_5545_5554 PH003_5638-3 PH004_5577_5583 PH005_5187 PH006_5681_5990 PH007_5708 PH008_5734_5737_5754 PH009_5742_5776_5746_5812 PH010_5872 PH011_5777_5794 PH012_5848_5863 PH013_5877PH014_5884_5911 PH015_5927 PH016_5947_5958 PH017_5980_5982_5979 PH019_5988_5994 PH020_5959-2 PH021_6002_6007 PH022_6009_6015_6021 PH023_6032_6043_6053 PH024_6058 PH025_5968 PH026_6071 PH027_5982 PH028_5991 PH029_6120 PH030_1779 PH031_6157-2 PH032_1801 PH033_6234_6240 PH034_6250_6252_6270_6271 PH035_6311_6318_6319_6322 PH036_6429_6432 PH037_6181 PH038_6212 PH039_6340 PH040_6346 PH041_6364 PH042_6369-2 PH043_6419_6386_6408 PH044_1915 PH045_6460 PH046_5235 PH047_5226_1884_6443 PH048_5234 PH049_6329 PH050_6516_6510 PH051_1996_6459 PH052_2000 PH053_2011_2016 PH054_2020 PH055_2027_6848 PH056_2033 PH057_2047_6468 PH058_2052_2056_6909_2059 PH059_6488 PH060_6506 PH061_6948-2 PH062_2071_2072 PH063_6513 PH064_6510_28_30_45_47_68_74_87_92 PH065_6600_6604 PH066_6621_6637

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Tuo & Katherine : Wedding

Last month we had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Katherine & Tuo.
We loved all the little details the bride & groom chose for the day: the delicate vintage styled dress, the vibrant flower arrangements, the funky green kombi van that provided the transport for the day…but most of all we were touched by the laughter and love so evident throughout the wedding. Congratulations again, Katherine & Tuo; may God bless you in your new marriage : )

Hair & Make-Up: Jade Lee (Bride) and Mariane Shao (Bridesmaids)
Flowers: Connie the Florist
Transport: Kombi Celebrations

KTT001_1944 KTT002_0947_4514 KTT003_1965-3 KTT004_0950 KTT005_4584_5124 KTT006_4603 KTT007_4618_4668 KTT008_4687_4691KTT009_4698_4702KTT010_1980KTT011_2010KTT012_2042_2111KTT013_2097KTT014_2134KTT015_2204KTT016_4788_1011KTT017_4831KTT018_2233KTT019_1037KTT020_1060KTT021_1065_4893KTT022_2250KTT023_2287KTT024_2234KTT025_4928_31_33KTT026_4945_4947_2093KTT027_1187KTT028_4977_4983KTT029_1207KTT030_5028KTT031_5042KTT032_2393_2415_1233KTT033_2462KTT034_2588bKTT035_2899KTT036_2933_2939_2954KTT037_2968KTT038_2958_2989KTT039_3018KTT040_5167_5181KTT041_5169_3037KTT042_5192_5209_5190_5205KTT043_5216KTT044_1300_1249KTT045_5233KTT046_3203_1320_5154KTT047_5245KTT048_3377KTT049_3480KTT050_3589KTT051_1398KTT052_1425_1427KTT053_1436KTT054_1441KTT055_1472KTT056_1490KTT057_1491KTT058_1503KTT059_1507KTT060_3724KTT061_3758KTT062_3785_3790KTT063_3888KTT064_1539_1544_5380_3KTT065_4029

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